length, feeling the fullest

possible stretch.

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Turn your

hand so that the palm faces

toward your body. (21 Keeping

your body steady, lift the

weight up to your side,

concentrating legit steroid sites that accept credit cards body-muscles.com on doing the

work with the back rather

than the arm.

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Lower the

weight, keeping it under


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Finish your

repetitions with this arm,

then repeat with the other


One-Ann Cable


Purpose of Exercise: TO


This is an especially good

your hand

movement for tying in the

lower lats to the waist.

Execution: (1) Using a floor –

level pulley, take hold of a

handle with one hand.

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If done

standing, assume a balanced

stance, the leg opposite the

arm you will be using in the

exercise forward, other leg

back. !This can also be done

while seated.I Begin with your

arm fully extended in front of

you, your hand twisted

inward so that the thumb is

lower than the little finger to

create the fullest possible

stretch. (2) Pull the handle

back by your side as far as you

can, twisting your hand

outward so that the thumb

Finish your

ends up on the outSide, feeling

the back muscles contract.

Release and extend your arm

and twist your wrist back to

the starting position.

Complete your repetitions,

then repea t the exercise using

the other arm.

The secret to success doing

One-Arm Cable Rows is range

of motion. When you pull the

cable, bring your elbow as far

back as possible-which is a

lot farther than you can go

doing regular Cable body-muscles.com Rows .

Also, as you release and lower

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