Attempts to capture the history of the game industry completely normally do not lead to anything good – too big topic for study. Rare attempts usually end in failure, and succeed are those who focus on specific aspects. Netflix went the second way, but either did not have the timing, or prevent excessive ambitions – High Score went very much crumpled and skipping from one topic to another. The show consists of six episodes of about 40 minutes. The first series of the most affected by the emergence of the video game boom: from arcade hits like Space Invaders and prior to the first video game market of death, which is often associated with “worst game in history» – E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. It is noteworthy that, despite the rather superficial opening theme (of course, cover the decade after 40 minutes!), An episode of shows including not the most trivial moments of gaming history. Howard Scott Uotshou with its infamous offspring And if the first series covers the early days of home console and the popularity of the arcade, shedding light on the interesting points, the next High Score episodes included on the territory of a much more famous moments video game history. The second series shows how, through the Japanese Nintendo dead market rose games. Somewhere here the problems begin remaining episodes: the fact that, in contrast to the pilot episode, but superficial study begins to be felt more and a strange inconsistency. Here is a story about Nintendo and coolness of what the American NES different from the Japanese Famicom, – and then it all stops for the history of the first world champion of Tetris. Of course, NES Tetris and tightly linked – in the end, Alexey Pajitnov made a deal with the Japanese giant, which greatly affected the history of the game and the number of copies sold – but in the life of the console plenty of other interesting points, which would cost more detail. Fortunately, come to the aid of the book, including those published in Russian. Those who are interested in the history of the conquest of America’s small but proud company, which published once playing cards (yes, the Nintendo begins with this, and as much back in 1889), should refer to the «Game Over. As Nintendo conquered the world “David Sheff: written in 1993, it still remains one of the most important on a given topic. Further jumps are quite amazing: the fourth series of nominally devoted to the phenomenon known as the “console war”, but one-sided illuminated. In the confrontation between Nintendo and Sega last out the clear winner, in the same half of the episode is devoted to a series of sports simulations Madden NFL. The situation, of course, was not so unequivocal, and called Sega winner will be a great exaggeration: Sega Genesis though, and was popular in the United States, but the total worldwide sales of the console have much lower than that of a competitor in the face of the SNES. And the sad fate of the Sega Saturn better and does not remember. If you want to learn the subtleties of confrontation between the two giants in America, I recommend the book Blake Harris’ console war. Sega, Nintendo and the battle that defined a whole generation. ” The first “three-dimensional” model Mario was invented by American Nintendo headquarters on an episode of the video game violence and the appearance of the series ESRB rating agency makes very very strange move, throwing from Street Fighter bridges and bloody Mortal Kombat, and … to the emergence of e-sports. Formally, this is certainly true, but the only common root – a weak excuse to bind quite different things. Around the same problem and the final series, stated as a history of Doom, but bang their heads most famous shooter in the world and the first 3D-game Nintendo – Star Fox. The latter also earned a cult status, but they have in common about anything, except for the introduction of the player in three-dimensional space. Doom acquainted with history and its creators, John Carmack and John Romero, much better through the book David Kushner’s “Lords of DOOM. As the two men created a cult shooter, and rocked the video game industry. ” And yet, despite all the criticism in the show has its advantages. These fall into numerous interviews with key figures in the video game industry, interesting insides (as you, such as the ability to see design documents Space Invaders?) And nice visuals. Negotiations representative of Electronic Arts John Madden of Madden NFL future Speakers show can meet such religious people as an artist Final Fantasy series Yoshitaka Amano, the creator of Ms. Pac-Man Doug Makreja (one of the first authors of the modifications to the video game) on the first Space Invaders champion Rebecca Heinemann and Ryan Best, creator of role-playing games parody LGBT GayBlade. Their stories are really interesting. And whether they are woven into a harmonious and logical narrative – series could be recommended to everyone. We would like to mention a pilot series, the structure is built much better than the next. In addition, it lacks and moments are often overlooked. For example, many video game enthusiasts are well aware that E.T. It was a disaster, but few people know why this happened. But this is really a fascinating story: Howard Scott Uorshou who created hits of its time like Yars’ Revenge or Raiders of the Lost Ark (the first game based on the movie, by the way – and immediately successful), suddenly I fell so severely? See Trailer High Score is interesting and is another story, often go unnoticed, but disclosed in the High Score. It is now a forgotten console Fairchild Channel F, which has made the quiet revolution and disappeared in the shadow of more popular Atari 2600. It was the first time introduced the Channel F video game cartridges and changed the history of gaming: Console before it all came with a pre-installed set of games. Overall High Score can be seen as a starting point to explore the history of the industry, and after that build on topics of interest and to understand the details and the details – the good development of the domestic market is now and it allows. Those who show up High Score has already had a good idea of ​​the history of the gaming industry will be missed in the main – and sometimes even throw on the screen blank stares. Tristan Donovan: “Play! The history of video games “- a brief history of the industry of the first attempts in the 1950s to the present. David Sheff: «Game Over. As Nintendo conquered the world “- more about Nintendo and its path of conquering the American market. Florent Gorges: “History of Nintendo», in several parts (available on the first two Russian) – a more detailed dive in the company’s history, with photos and a library of games. Blake Harris: “console war. Sega, Nintendo and the battle that defined a whole generation “- the details of the loudest opposition in the history of gaming (bonus – a story about the appearance of PlayStation). Ratmir Lutfullin, Tatiana Melnikova: “When came to life calculator” – an inside look at the young science of game stadis, engaged in the study of video games. Jason Schreier: “Blood, sweat and pixels. The reverse side of the video game industry “- a detailed study of crunches and other problems in the development of living examples like Dragon Age III or Stardew Valley. Roland Lee: “eSports” – one of the first books, covering eSports. Several books available in Russian yazykeSkryt

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